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Sunday, December 4

We're having a little gulf girl, or boy!

Meet our gulf baby!
My last post was a few days before we found out I was pregnant. Needless to say all my free time refocused to baby prep, info gathering...and sleeping. I'm changing the focus of the blog to reflect my priorities: our new family :)  I'll be doing back posts to document our fun the last few months.

Tuesday, July 26

Blackbird Gallery

I find myself making excuses to go into downtown Sarasota not for all the reasons you would suspect but to "check-in" on this beauty. 
I'm so relieved when it is still there, as if its still waiting patiently for the day I can adopt it. The artist is a local Sarasota painter named Joseph Arnegger. Here's another one of his creations.
 Beyond amazing local art at Black Bird, you can find quintessential Sarasota-style decor. That is, laid back beachy but refined; beautiful things you can live in. The room vignettes are drool worthy all evoking coastal hints.


Monday, July 25

At the Bottom of Everything

... I found out I was really no one

Friday, July 22

Neck Party

Coco Chanel once said: “Take one thing off before you leave the house.” Yeah, I did that already. Doing some serious manrepelling.
(Eddie Borgo, Elizabeth Cole, Kevia, Jennifer Zeuner)


Wednesday, July 20

Wedding Wednesday- Shell Bouquet

Another Gulf Girl, DIY. I come from the "dress comes before the wedding" camp. You choose the dress and then the venue and decor and colors and flowers... My dress from the second I put it on reminded me of Botticelli's The Birth of Venus. Which was pretty perfect because I always suspected I was to be married on Whitney Beach in Longboat Key, years before the groom and the dress. Serendipitous, I'd say.  

You may say delusional. Nonetheless, in my mind shell bouquets were perfect for this gulf girl's gulf side wedding. We had a flower free ceremony and reception.

All photos by Jeanne Ciasullo of Enna/Anne

Post Card Inn

Summer in this economy means, staycation season. Thank goodness we live in a verifiable paradise! One of the best little spots for a weekend get away is Post Card Inn on St. Pete beach. Besides having a super cute beach vibe, the boutique motel's main draws are the Melrose style pool, incredible beach bar (which will get its own post) in house restaurant Wildwood Beachwood BBQ the only one outside of Manhattan, and a young and chill clientele. Sun, surf, sunset shooters and skillet cornbread- you may never have to hop on a plane to get away again!


Wednesday, July 13

Wedding Wednesday- Message in a Bottle Wedding Invitations

Wedding invites set the tone and start to build excitement for a wedding. Since many of our guest and family were coming into the Gulf Coast for our wedding we wanted to make it as destination wedding style as possible. These DIY invites were so much fun to make (my groom-to-be was charged with charring the parchment edges and sealing the corks with wax- everything fire related) and our guest loved opening up the mailbox to find a corked bottle with Siesta Key Sand and shells inside. USPS delivered these just how you see them, no box needed. Guests were requested to RSVP at our website, so no return envelope and card were required. 


Monday, July 11

Indian Shores Coffee

Starbucks is evil. It <tangentially> tried to kill this guy. Why would you ever be nefarious to a face like that?
My name is Griswold, I am Gulf Girl's best friend.
I was going through the Starbucks drive through with Grizzy and the barista informed me they were not allowed to give dog treats out anymore because people were eating them. Instead she offered a "puppichino" which is just whipped cream in a little cup. She assured me dogs love them and that it's just milk and sugar. Griz did love it...until he started throwing up. Poor guy had a seizure and was totally out of if and not his grizzy self for a few days. Thankfully there were no lasting effects other than we boycott Starbucks now (and don't feed Grizzy anything but doggy food). After informing Starbucks that the puppichino practice makes some dogs very, very ill they sent me a $30 gift card. What? You almost kill my buddy and then buy me off with overpriced mediocre coffee? Any matter, we have been on a quest for good local coffee ever since. Introducing Indian Shores Coffee, good coffee, amazing pastries and home grown.


Thursday, July 7

Nancy's BBQ

Every good southern gulf girl knows a handful of things very, very well. Bar-b-q is one of them. Let's just say I served a mean brisket at my wedding- no joke. Thankfully one mustn't venture far east anymore (Myakka City, Arcadia, were talkin' to you) or settle for fast food bbq for a quick fix (a la Sonny's & Woody's). Nancy's Krohngold's eponymous cafeteria-style restaurant serves up legit North Carolina style smoked meats. A bespeckled white Jewish woman cooking up the meanest pork butt south of Georgia!? Believe. Sacrilege? Nah, just plain divine.
Don’t miss: Chicken Debris sandwich, A N Y T H I N G protein laden
Pass: Box Potatoes au Gratin

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