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Sunday, June 19

Cassis, French Riviera Theme

If for whatever reason you can't sneak away to the Cote d'azur for a weekend (excuses!) Cassis has you covered. They brought in thousands of lbs of sand and coated the floors with six inches of it. The result is a beachy meets French theme. The wait staff, drink menu and decor have all been tweaked for this fun event. The food menu, remains exactly the same so all your favorite cravings are intact. I have to be honest, as many times as I've been to Cassis, I only get the same dish: Filet Mignon with grilled endive. Savoureux! This area of downtown St. Pete has been livening up in the last year and become a legitimate after hours spot. The bar at Cassis, French Riviera theme notwithstanding, has the perfect ambiance for meeting up with friends where the emphasis is on the company and not a sports team. 

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