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Friday, June 17

My favorite perfume is

... a candle. 
(Vera Wang, Floral Bouquet Boudoir Candle)
I have been wearing said candle for about 3 months now and have never been more pleased with  (or complimented on) a scent. I loved the smell of the candle so much one day I just rubbed my fingers in it and wiped it on my wrists. The smell lasted all day and I was in heaven. Since I didn't want to carry a candle in my purse for on-the-go applications, I burned the candle and while the wax was hot I poured it into a few empty perfume solid tins and walah! With a regular 9 oz candle I can fill about 10 tins, making it the cheapest scent ever too. I just learned this candle is discontinued explaining why I found it at Saks Off 5th, so needless to say I have stockpiled. I also tested putting the candle in the sun and softening it and then spooning it out and this worked just as well. This could also be a great idea for once you've burned a wick all the way down and there is still a finger of wax left at the bottom of the jar. Put it in a tin or old pill box and use it as a perfume solid!

I bought these antique pill boxes on eBay and can't wait to fill them up. They are so pretty and soon will smell amazing. 

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