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Friday, June 17

Self made art

Art is expensive. Sheesh. As I was pricing art for our very blank walls I realized a nice largish piece would literally be our entire decorative budget. While I realize it can be worth the financial investment, my 401K isn't even maxed yet, so no dice. A Groupon for Canvas on Demand got me thinking of my own photos and if any were worthy to be enlarged 1000x and be displayed our walls. I saw this living room shot and the painting in it reminded me of a picture I took when we went volcano surfing in Nicaragua. 
Dont know source, or photo credit :(

Though you'd never know by looking at it, this shot is of the natural sulfur formations on the side of the Cerro Negro. I took the picture thinking how gorgeous mother nature's own "art" is. 

In context:

From then on I started taking pictures of instances where nature resembled a painted canvas. On our last trip to Guatemala, I look this picture in Tikal. It's a mold formation on the side of one of the oldest ruins in the world. 

Since this picture perfectly matches our color scheme, I decided to blow 'er up. Less than a week later Canvas on Demand delivered its 40x60ness to our door. I signed it, named it "Tikal" and gave it to my husband as a Valentines Day present. So not only was it less than $200 it didn't count in the decoration budget. Ha, ha. Everyone wins! I love the idea of having "art" in the house that is very, very personal. Also, it's an awesome conversation piece. Without fail, while having people over for dinner, my husband will ask our guests what they think the picture is of. No one EVER guesses mold. No one ever has room for dessert either. Hmm...

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