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Tuesday, June 14

Watercolored New York Walls

I ran across the above trompe l'oeil meets watercolor mural on and was smitten. I started looking for other work by the artist, Rebekah Maysles. And found this jaw-dropper.
It's a vintage wallpaper that she embellished for the Crewcuts flagship in NYC. The wallpaper reminds me of another print I've had in my inspiration file for a while. I originally saw it in Vogue a few years back.

It's "Views of Paris" by Schumacher.

...come to find out they have a New York scape as well!

I promised myself that one room in our new house was going to have a New York theme in homage to our beloved city (from which we just moved after many, many years of intense city love). I'm thinking this wallpaper in the guest bath with hand painted embellishments like Maysels?! Why not? I'll post pics once done. In the meantime:

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