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Monday, July 11

Indian Shores Coffee

Starbucks is evil. It <tangentially> tried to kill this guy. Why would you ever be nefarious to a face like that?
My name is Griswold, I am Gulf Girl's best friend.
I was going through the Starbucks drive through with Grizzy and the barista informed me they were not allowed to give dog treats out anymore because people were eating them. Instead she offered a "puppichino" which is just whipped cream in a little cup. She assured me dogs love them and that it's just milk and sugar. Griz did love it...until he started throwing up. Poor guy had a seizure and was totally out of if and not his grizzy self for a few days. Thankfully there were no lasting effects other than we boycott Starbucks now (and don't feed Grizzy anything but doggy food). After informing Starbucks that the puppichino practice makes some dogs very, very ill they sent me a $30 gift card. What? You almost kill my buddy and then buy me off with overpriced mediocre coffee? Any matter, we have been on a quest for good local coffee ever since. Introducing Indian Shores Coffee, good coffee, amazing pastries and home grown.

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