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Thursday, July 7

Nancy's BBQ

Every good southern gulf girl knows a handful of things very, very well. Bar-b-q is one of them. Let's just say I served a mean brisket at my wedding- no joke. Thankfully one mustn't venture far east anymore (Myakka City, Arcadia, were talkin' to you) or settle for fast food bbq for a quick fix (a la Sonny's & Woody's). Nancy's Krohngold's eponymous cafeteria-style restaurant serves up legit North Carolina style smoked meats. A bespeckled white Jewish woman cooking up the meanest pork butt south of Georgia!? Believe. Sacrilege? Nah, just plain divine.
Don’t miss: Chicken Debris sandwich, A N Y T H I N G protein laden
Pass: Box Potatoes au Gratin

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