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Wednesday, July 6


A stitch in time saves 9? Well in the space of 90 minutes at Stitch Boutique I: 1) Found the perfect pair of jeans; 2) Supported a community based organization; 3) Discovered an awesome singer songwriter that does dead-on Elton covers; 4) Sampled four seasonal beers.
They partner with Girls Inc. to support and teach art development. You can pick up sandals and other wares by the girls with all the proceeds going of course back to them. Little fashionistas in training!
 Great. Wall. o'. Denim. Literally, a wall with hundreds of designer jeans.
 The first Friday of every summer month they turn the store into a lounge and showcase local music talent. Between the sublime music and seasonal beers per Shamrock Pub, the Stitch Summer Session is the best place to start the week off in style (pun intended :P )

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